Homelessness is on the increase in the UK and has doubled since 2010. The majority of homeless people have suffered trauma, a dysfunctional upbringing/homelife or have suffered from other forms of  social exclusion. To be homeless is to be vulnerable, to be at risk of violence, to have restricted access to health care and to have less opportunity for wellbeing and employment. Being homeless also increases social exclusion and can therefore be a vicious circle. If you would like to know more about homelessness or support the national charity for homeless people then please contact Crisis.

The best thing that you can do if you see someone on the streets is to take the time to sit down and say hello. If you do not have the time, then make eye contact as you walk past and wish them a good day. People are only invisible if we ignore them.

If you have had at least 1 days pay from the armed forces then there are several charities who would like to support you. Combat Stress, Royal British Legion, SSAFA

I offer heartfelt thanks to those who spent time talking with me and were willing to allow me to take their photographs. I also wish to say thankyou to those who did not wish for their photo to be used on thepublic domain. I appreciate you all for sharing your story with me.

 DB (May 2017)

DB, intelligent, kind, funny and ex armed forces. Homelessness can happen to anyone.
M (May 2017)
Watch this space. M has consented to providing an interview of his experiences of being homeless and that circumstance that lead to it.
J (May2017)

Combat veteran. Next time you see someone sitting on the street, stop and say hello. You may realise you have more in common than you think.
 MB (March 2017)

MB was kind enough to aloow us to take his photo. We have pixelated part of the image at his request.
 R (March 2017)

Being informed he was not allowed to beg and had to move on otherwise the police would be called.
 R and E (March 2017)

R and E both have serious health conditions to cope with.
 J and V (April 2017)
 J has been homeless for many years of his life. His only wish is that Nations and individuals work together to make the planet a better place.
KJ and R (April 2017)
KJ and R are vulnerably housed. They both have physical and mental health issues. They find that friendship helps them cope with very challenging circumstances.
 M (March 2017)

M has been told he cannot have his dog Rocky with him in temporary homeless accomodation. Rocky was R's companion before he became homeless and has helped him to cope with his physical and mental health.
S (July 2017)
S does not like to sit with his hat in front of him, but circumstances have left hime quite desperate. He prefers to sit without begging and allow the power of suggestion to present a question to passers by. When you see someone who needs help do you stop or do you pass them by?